Emergency Travel Document


Fill out the Application Form

1) A letter of request written in Arabic addressed to the Consul
2) Copy of Sudanese Passport or Sudanese Nationality Certificate
3) Copy of Travel Document (UN or US) and US I-94 card
4) Copy of US Green Card
5) Copy of American Driver’s License
6) Police Report (for lost passport
7) 4 photos (passport size)
8) Fee: $26 (U.S. Postal Money Order)

Important: Please include Postage Paid Self Addressed Envelop with a Tracking Number. Send to the following address:

305 East 47th Street, 4th Floor, New York 10017

Tel: (212) 573-6033

Important Note: Please check with your Airline Representative for the acceptance of this travel document before booking your ticket, direct travel routes are recommended.