Tourism in Sudan

Sudan is rich in tourism, tourism, tourism and tourism. In the north there are traces of the ancient Nubian kingdoms which are considered the cradle of human civilization where pyramids and Pharaonic temples where the Egyptian Egyptianologist d. The site of Karak Mountain, which is located in the city of Karima on the West Bank in the northern state, which includes temples built over a long historical period from the time of Thutmose III until the kings of the Kingdom of Meroe Which ended in the third century AD and UNESCO included this site to the World Heritage Sites in 2003, “… In the east where the Red Sea waves break the Sudanese mainland are the unique atolls that are home to colorful fish and a paradise for diving enthusiasts in the sea, Sand dunes stretch endlessly, and thicken The volcanic peaks are in a Mediterranean-like atmosphere. In the south and south-east, deer, elephants and black herds flock among the birds’ swarms. In addition, there are cultural tourism represented by the activities of tribes and ethnic groups and the various models of music and traditional fashion.
In cooperation with the State of Qatar, the Sudanese government launched a project to support the Sudanese antiquities, which aims at creating a cultural, social and economic environment by renovating more than 300 pyramids. The project also works in the field of research And the rehabilitation of the National Museum of Sudan and the establishment of the Museum of Naqaa.