1. Considering that the Permanent Mission of Sudan to the United Nations in New York is the executive arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, the Mission is working towards the implementation and implementation of the Interim Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan of 2005, which states:

(A) To promote international cooperation, particularly within the United Nations family and other international and regional organizations, in order to promote world peace, respect for international law and treaty obligations and the development of a just world economic order.

(B) To achieve African and Arab economic integration, within the framework of existing regional plans and platforms, and to promote African and Arab unity and Afro-Arab cooperation as stipulated in those plans.

(C) Promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in regional and international forums.

(D) Encourage the dialogue of civilizations and build a world order based on justice and the unity of human destiny.

(E) Promotion of South-South economic cooperation.

(F) Non-interference in the affairs of other States, the promotion of good-neighborliness and joint cooperation with all neighboring States, and the maintenance of balanced and friendly relations with other States.

(G) Combating terrorism and organized crime, both international and transnational.

2. Achieve and implement the provisions of the Sudan Quarterly Strategy (2007-2031) to mobilize and complete the building of a unified, secure, civilized, advanced and developed Sudanese nation. Its mission is to build a unified Sudan based on the principles of comprehensive security, pluralism, peaceful transfer of power, equitable distribution of wealth, And the rule of law, its cultural and social diversity is a powerful and stable element on the basis of effective national partnership in achieving sustainable development and building mutually beneficial relations with the international and regional community.